Cast Iron Skillet Shredded Beef Nachos

- large bag of thick tortilla chips - shredded barbacoa beef - shredded Monterey Jack cheese - shredded cheddar cheese - diced red onion - diced bell pepper - tomato - jalapeno - Sour cream - cilantro


Skillet nachos are the ultimate quick weeknight meal! Easy Shredded Beef Nachos are in and out of the oven in under 20 minutes and work just as well for a party appetizer as they do for a family dinner.

These nachos are perfect fuel for busy weeknights, especially if you have active kids!

The high quality protein in beef helps build muscle and provide energy to support kids (and parents!) on the go.

Don’t have a skillet? Simply spread and layer the nachos on a sheet pan and bake.

These nachos would also work well with Crock Pot Taco Meat, Mexican Marinated Chicken, or Chipotle Grilled Chicken.


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