Coffee and Donut Ice Cream with Mocha Fudge Swirl

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I’m taking a few weeks off from the blog to spend some time with our little man and learn how to survive on 3 hours of sleep and baby giggles. While I’m away, some generous friends have offered to share their mad blogging skills here on NeighborFood. I’m so excited for you to meet Melanie, my dear friend and fellow Ohioan. I knew we were soul mates when she came up with this genius Sweet and Smoky Bacon Brat Burger. (Oh. my. goodness.) You all are in for a treat!

Coffee and Donut Ice Cream

Hello NeighborFood readers!  I’m Melanie from Melanie Makes and I hope that we’ll be soon be friends after I share this insanely delicious Coffee and Donut Ice Cream with Mocha Hot Fudge Swirl recipe with you!  I’m a fan of ice cream any day of the year but during the dog days of summer, it’s especially appropriate and this recipe definitely won’t disappoint!

You know what other time ice cream is called for?  After you have a baby!  I’m thrilled to be sharing this recipe while Courtney enjoys a bit of maternity leave with her sweet little guy.  If I knew it wouldn’t melt, I’d be sending her some ice cream from Cleveland to Columbus.  Instead, since I’m such a nice friend, I’ll just be sure to eat not only my fair share, but Courtney’s as well!
Head over to Melanie’s site to get the recipe for this Coffee and Donut Ice Cream and while you’re there check out her recipe index to see how she keeps her family of six happy and so very well fed!
If you need donuts in your life immediately, try your hand at my simple homemade Chinese Doughnut recipe.

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