Air Fryer Potatoes

Crispy on the outside, and oh so fluffy on the inside, these Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes are the perfect side dish. Make a batch quickly in the air fryer and serve with breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Baby potatoes

What You'll Need:

Olive oil

Dried basil

Dried rosemary

Garlic powder


Potatoes are a go-to side dish but lately, air frying them has been my preferred method of preparing them. They are tender, crispy, and so simple to make with just five pantry staples.

They also happen to be gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian so they can meet a variety of dietary requirements.

These Air Fried Potatoes are definitely some of the best roasted potatoes I’ve made — full of flavor, herby, and crisp, with only a fraction of the oil!

We are all about keeping it simple. These potatoes don’t need a lot to enhance their flavor. A little bit of seasoning goes a long way!


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