1. I love this article, Courtney! It’s like you’re living in my head because I say these exact things to myself every single day! Thank you for so eloquently putting my feelings into words. We all need to stop listening to this mean girl, but oh so much easier said than done, right? Thanks for sharing and letting me know I’m not alone 🙂

    • So much easier said than done. The mean girl is pretty persistent! But it does help to know that we’re not alone, and every one else is battling the same voice. We’re in this together and we can stop listening to the mean girl together!

  2. You are SO precious Courtney! Yes, children are exhausting and none of us really believed HOW exhausting they would be until we became mothers ourselves. I just have to share a lesson I learned a couple of years ago at a ladies’ Bible study group; God created rest BEFORE sin entered the world, and He declared everything that He had made to be Good! That says to me that rest is Not something I need to be beating myself up about. Rest is PERFECT and He created it for us because he knew we would need it. Now I nap much more peacefully (and often my loved ones appreciate the fact that the post-nap me is much easier to live with than the exhausted me).
    I hope you will have a wonderful Mothers Day!

    • I’ve been thinking about this on and off this week, and find it so encouraging! Such a good reminder that God gave us rest as a gift.

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