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No, unfortunately this is not the page where I tell you what to do with all of your leftover food from last night’s dinner. This is a page where I share my leftover thoughts. To see my latest adventures, my thoughts on faith and family or any other non-recipe snippets of my life, this is the place to be!

It’s been nearly a year since I shared a leftovers post, but I’m back today with a little glimpse of our life outside the kitchen, including highlights from the first 9 months with our son, book reviews, and the most popular post of the year!

Merry Christmas from my little crew to yours! As always, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you who read, comment, and make the recipes from this blog. You are my tribe, and I’m thankful each day that I get to do what I love–share great food and conversation with folks like you. I’m going Read More

Shop for a cause this Christmas with these beautiful gifts that give back.

When I began assembling this collection of gifts that give back a few weeks ago, I had no idea how many inspiring businesses and organizations I would find. I had to cut myself off eventually, because I could’ve spent weeks researching, pinning, and admiring the amazing products and work being done by socially conscious businesses and Read More

Here are a few of the many wonderful fair trade and ethically sourced chocolate bars you can buy in stores!

Here’s the truth. Today’s post was supposed to be a recipe for using up Halloween candy, particularly those mini chocolate bars we all love so much. Then, an article popped up in my newsfeed. Hershey’s, Mars, and Nestle were in the news again for accusations of child labor in their chocolate supply chain. I’ve heard and even Read More

DIY Nursery Reading Nook | NeighborFood

Many, many months ago, I dreamed of an adventure themed nursery with hot air balloons and airplanes, vintage maps, and suitcases. And after many months of planning, hammering, painting, sweating, sewing, and fixing, Baby R’s room was finally (pretty much) complete! At times our progress felt painfully slow, but it has been so rewarding to see Read More

Can we all just take a collective big breath in and say a little prayer of thanks that warm weather has finally and officially arrived? I know I’m about to be seriously pregnant and that by August I’ll be waddling around in a pool of my own belly sweat, but I am just so happy it’s Read More

I’m on vacation this week in Charleston soaking up some beach time, savoring these moments with the Mr. before the baby comes, and eating ALL THE HUSHPUPPIES. In my mind the perfect vacation involves two things: good food and good reads. If the weather’s bad, the hotel kind of sucks, and the beach is crowded Read More

26 Week Baby Bump!

My goodness. Another month has disappeared before my eyes. Where is the time going? And why do beautiful, sunny days seem to go so much faster than dreary, rainy ones? And why aren’t all jeans made like maternity jeans? I never want to see another zipper in my life. Stretchy waistbands FOREVER! Here we are on Read More

I know I’m a food blogger so I should be doing this gender reveal with some adorable heart shaped cupcakes or extravagantly decorated cake pops. But we already know I don’t really do cute food, and the truth is, I’m way too excited to share the news to mess with all that fancy schmantzy stuff Read More

Today, I’m so excited to finally introduce all of you to the shiny new NeighborFood site! Over the past few months, I’ve been working with Snazzle Media and A La Mode Designs (both wonderful, Ohio-based companies!) to make my vision of a beautiful, organized, and easy to use space a reality. It has been a Read More

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