Meal Plan: Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

On a typical Thanksgiving morning, I often find myself trying to cook/bake/prep an entire spread at once, and this year I’m determined that the holiday will feel more like an actual restful holiday, and less like the frantic final round of Iron Chef…

Don’t panic, because this Thanksgiving you don’t need to run around all morning making 12 recipes at once! This week’s meal plan is devoted to make-ahead recipes so you can spread the work out, and get your Thanksgiving homework done ahead of time. That’s right, get to these recipes one-by-one whenever you can find the time, and then put them on ice until the big day arrives.

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes Meal Plan


  1. All your recipes look really good but we’ve recently had to change our diet. Do you have diabetic-friendly recipe? Also my 7-year-old granddaughter recently diagnosed gluten-intolerant, Do you have any recipes we could try for her?

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