Family Meal Plan #1: November 2019

We had family photos this weekend, which is another way of saying we stressed ourselves out in order to get pictures of ourselves looking super happy and relaxed. Ha. I also mixed up the day, so we got all gussied up only to arrive at the site and realize the photo shoot wasn’t actually scheduled until tomorrow. Face.Palm.

Luckily, our photographer squeezed us in later in the day, so we didn’t have to go through that circus again. Our oldest was WILD during the shoot and our youngest was really angry we made him wear shoes (outside! in 40 degree weather!), but I’m excited to see what kind of crazy chaos she managed to capture.

In case you missed it, IT’S NOVEMBER (what???), and our meal plan team is moving towards comfort foods, slow cooker dinners, and quick meals to get us through this busy holiday season. Enjoy!

Family Meal Plan #1: November 2019

We're celebrating the beginning of the holiday season with plenty of cozy comfort foods, easy slow cooker dinners, and festive fall desserts.

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