October 2019 Weekly Meal Plan 1

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I believe it was Mr. Phil Collins who said: “I can feel it comin’ in the air tonight, Oh Lord”  (*iconic drum solo…)

I think the seasons changing makes everyone panic that they’d better hurry up and get that “one thing” done before winter arrives. As Fall settles in, I am certain feeling that pressure. We are currently scrambling to complete a few house projects (re-landscaping our front lawn and putting down new basement flooring).

Autumn being our favorite season as a family, we are already seeing our free-time fill up with backyard bonfires, trips to fall farm festivals and the like. (And I am starting to resent how many events get crammed into the waning nice-weather weeks of October).  Either way, the crisp dewy mornings, beautiful sunsets, and smell of campfires remind me that amidst the never-ending bustle of kids/work/projects/etc, I need to enjoy Autumn while it’s here, or I’ll regret not savoring it until next year.

So, if you’ve been waiting for your excuse to wear all the flannel shirts, drink cider, and pack your family dinner menu with warm savory recipes, then this week’s meal plan is for you. Enjoy!

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