Weekly Family Meal Plan 143

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Weekly Family Meal Plan 143 | NeighborFood

This weekend our corner of Ohio finally got a reprieve from the sweltering weather, and we’ve enjoyed some truly perfect mid 70 degree days. When it’s this beautiful outside, my mind immediately tells me we need to be doing all the things. We can’t waste such a perfect day! We should be at the park or a festival or the pool or a baseball game!

But yesterday I fought the urge to go, and instead we stayed home, read a book on the back porch during nap time, grilled hot dogs, and lit the last of our sparklers. It was simple and restful, and definitely what our family needed. I’m hoping to lean into a slower pace for the rest of the summer, reminding myself that rest isn’t a waste and a packed schedule doesn’t necessarily equal the most well-lived summer. After all, some of the best memories are the ones we make in our own backyards.


Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad – Melanie Makes


Dill Pickle Grilled Cheese

Dill Pickle Grilled Cheese – Little Dairy on the Prairie


Greek Hot Dogs

Greek Hot Dogs – NeighborFood


Skillet Covered Burritos

Skillet Covered Burritos – Diary of a Recipe Collector


Southwest Cornbread Sloppy Joes

Southwest Cornbread Sloppy Joes – Garnish and Glaze


Virgin Strawberry Sangria

Virgin Strawberry Sangria – Little Dairy on the Prairie


Southwest Green Chile Corn Casserole

Southwest Green Chile Corn Casserole – Melanie Makes


Nutella Swirl Puffy Pancake

Nutella Swirl Puffy Pancake – Diary of a Recipe Collector


Mixed Berry Pavlova

Mixed Berry Pavlova – Garnish and Glaze

Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting – NeighborFood

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