Half and Half Recipes

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Have a carton of leftover half and half? Whether you’re craving pasta, breakfast, soup, or dessert, there is a half and half recipe here to suit every mood!

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Today, we’re continuing our “Stuff I’ve Googled” series, where we learn how to make the most of common kitchen leftovers.

So far, we’ve covered:

Today, we’re covering another common leftover: half and half. Just like everything else in the series, we’ll cover what half and half is, how to store half and half, and share plenty of half and half recipes so you can use up every last drop!

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What is Half and Half?

Half and half is simply a combination of equal parts whole milk and heavy cream. It averages 10-12% fat, making it richer and creamier than whole milk but not as rich as heavy cream.

For many people, including myself, half and half is a favorite for stirring into coffee, but I like to keep it on hand for a variety of other things, including soups, casseroles, and pasta dishes.

Can half and half be substituted for milk in recipes?

In most cases, half and half is a great substitute for milk! You might not want to pour it over your morning cereal, but half and half can be subbed for milk in most cooking and baking recipes.

Feel free to substitute half and half for milk in pasta recipes, mashed potatoes, baked goods, and anything with a cream sauce. In fact, you may even prefer half and half over milk in recipes like Creamy Mac and Cheese and Homemade Mashed Potatoes, where it adds extra creaminess and richness.

Can half and half be substituted for heavy cream in recipes?

Again, the answer is usually. Just as half and half can be used to add extra richness in recipes that call for milk, it can also be used to lighten up recipes that call for cream. Want to dial back some of the fat in your favorite Creamy Chicken Sausage Tortellini Soup? Sub in half and half!

Unfortunately, half and half cannot be substituted for heavy cream to make whipped cream. You can shake, whip, and whisk all day, but half and half won’t turn into whipped cream.

half and half being poured into a pitcher

How to Store and Freeze Half and Half

Half and half should be stored in the refrigerator. To freeze half and half, place it in a freezer safe, airtight container and freeze for up to 3 months. Allow it to thaw overnight in the fridge, and make sure to give it a good shake or whisk to reincorporate anything that might have separated.

Frozen and thawed half and half works well for cooking, but I prefer to use fresh in coffee and other beverages.

collage of recipes that use half and half

Half and Half Recipes

Need to use up leftover half and half? Whether you have a few Tablespoons or two cups of half and half, this collection of recipes will help you use it up!

Recipes using less than 1 Cup Half and Half

Recipes using 1 Cup Half and Half

Recipes using 2 Cups Half and Half

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