Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes

Calling all chocolate and coffee lovers! These boozy Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes are perfect for special occasions or, ya know, a random Thursday.

If you love coffee and chocolate, you'll flip for these Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes.
The Mr. and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this month, and the occasion has me feeling rather sentimental. I’ve been tearily leafing through our wedding album and chuckling at the fresh faced honeymooners taking Prince Edward Island by storm. I have so many sweet memories of our first few weeks together, but one of my favorites was from a special meal we enjoyed overlooking the water on the island.

I ordered stuffed lobster, because duh. It was PEI and our honeymoon. Lobster was the right answer 92% of the time.

You have to understand: Five years ago, we were barely out of college. To us, a fancy night out meant budget Asian food in a booth that didn’t have a sticky table. So when that gorgeously plated, perfectly mounded lobster was placed before me, I had a hard time containing my excitement.

Stuffed Lobster Dinner

To this day, it remains the most memorable meal of my life. It was a beautiful setting, I was with my handsome and charming new husband, and the food was incredible. But it didn’t stop there. For dessert, we ordered a Kahlua milkshake. At the time, I wasn’t much for cocktails…or so I thought.

I hadn’t yet been introduced to Bulleit Bourbon (which I would later come to love and feature in countless recipes from this glazed Peach Bundt Cake, to my Fall Sangria, to my Easy Bourbon Eggnog).

No, at the time, my barely boozy adventurous spirit was limited to Peach Cherry Wine Slushies, the occasional Bailey’s Irish Coffee, and anything that sounded sweet and (preferably) blended and frozen.

The Kahlua milkshake arrived in a chocolate swirled glass and was brimming with creamy ice cream and coffee laced liquor. We split the drink, and then wished we’d each ordered our own. It was smooth, cool, and luxurious. The perfect finish to a perfect meal.

Boozy Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes are an adults-only dessert!

When I saw International Delight’s new flavors of iced coffee, the Kahlua milkshake immediately came to mind. Would it be possible to recreate that creamy coffee and chocolate swirled drink at home? (Answer: yes). And if so, how dangerous would that be? (Answer: very).

I grabbed the Mocha flavor from the shelves and rushed home to experiment.

My memory is a bit hazy, but it didn’t take me long to recreate this dreamy concoction. A bit of Kahlua, a dab of Chocolate Liqueur, a generous pour of Mocha Iced Coffee, and several mounds of vanilla ice cream is all it takes to make this adults-only beverage. If you like coffee and chocolate (and boozy drinks), you’re going to flip for these. And by flip I mean “do a happy dance” and by “do a happy dance” I mean “lick-every-last-mocha-filled-drop-out-of-your-glass.”

Easy to make and even easier to drink these Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes are made for coffee and chocolate lovers!

If you want to really step up the game with these, swirl some chocolate sauce on the inside of each glass and add an irresponsibly large dollop of whipped cream to the top. You could even swap out the vanilla ice cream for coffee or chocolate ice cream to intensify the flavor. Either way, this drink will feel downright fancy. Break them out for a special occasion and wow your guests, or save them for a romantic night in. Trust me, these drinks are worthy of a celebration. Maybe even a five year one.

Flavored creamers (like this Kahlua) are a GREAT way to add flavor to your creamy drinks. Looking for other great variations on your favorite beverages? Try mixing up a batch of either my Vanilla Simple Syrup or Lavender Simple Syrup! These are perfect for jazzing up your favorite cocktails, coffees, or desserts, and mix perfectly whether your recipe is hot or cold.

Try these Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes for a boozy chocolate and coffee dessert.

If you love coffee and chocolate, you'll flip for these Boozy Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes.

Kahlua Mocha Milkshakes

Yield: 4 small or 2 large milkshakes
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Kahlua, ice cream, and iced coffee combine to make the best boozy mocha milkshake.


  • 1/4 cup chocolate liquor
  • 1/4 cup Kahlua
  • 1/2 cup Mocha International Delight Iced Coffee
  • 4-6 large scoops ice cream
  • Chocolate sauce, for the glass
  • Whipped cream for serving, if desired


  • Place the chocolate liquor, Kahlua, and Mocha Iced Coffee into a blender. Add 4 scoops of ice cream and pulse until smooth. If you'd like a thicker milkshake, add the additional two scoops of ice cream.
  • Drizzle chocolate sauce in glasses, then pour milkshake in. Top with whipped cream, if desired. Serve immediately.
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