Leftovers: February 2014 edition

I know this may be hard to believe, but I actually do have a life outside of making food and talking about my issues with laundry. I read stuff. I stalk food blogs. I spend way too much time perusing the humor section of Pinterest. Sometimes these things are interesting. Sometimes they’re maybe only interesting to me. But I would really love for you guys to get a glimpse into the “me” outside the blog. So each month, I’m going to share a little bit of what I’ve been loving, reading, doing, and laughing at lately. Hopefully it’s fun. And if it’s not, you can just tell me. We’re friends. It’s cool.

1. The most interesting thing I read online this month was definitely this article in the Huffington Post studying name trends and patterns. Apparently, Courtney was a fad of the mid-80s and 90s and will soon become an old lady name, as will Stephanie, Michelle, and Jennifer. And you know how there were at least 5 Ashleys in your kindergarten class? Well, the next generation’s kindergarten classes are going to be filled with Sophias and Paisleys…and I’m not talking about the fabric.


Want to see if you’re going to have an old lady name too? Type it into the Baby Name Voyager tool (Beware, you can easily waste several hours looking at names on this site…or at least you can if you’re me). If the graph of your name looks like a witch’s hat that peaked in the 1980s or 90s, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re going to have an old lady name too! I say we own it. It’ll make the youths respect us, right?

2. The 28 Days of Pilates Challenge over at The Balanced Life. Pilates is one of the few forms of exercise I actually enjoy (along with swimming and biking to ice cream shops), so this challenge was right up my alley. Each day of February Robin posted a 5-10 minute Pilates video focusing on a different part of the body. It was a great way to fit in a quick workout and I have to say, I do feel stronger, leaner, and more confident. I plan to continue the videos, and you totally could to. March Pilates challenge any one?

3. Breakfast. This month I have  been loving on some breakfast foods. They’re just so comforting and hearty and eggy, ya know? Here are just a few I’ve been drooling over.

Want more breakfast ideas? You can find them on my breakfast board!

Follow Courtney | Neighborfoodie’s board Breakfast Only! on Pinterest.

4This blog post from The Very Worst Missionary on embracing our messy, grace-filled selves. Especially this: “I am filled with the kind of Grace that restores broken things, and being super broken means I’m super filled. Try not to be jealous. Grace is the glue that holds this hot mess together,” and this, “I would rather be a graceful screw up, in constant need of rescue, than a gliding debutant playing a part that was never meant for me.” But really, go read the whole thing. I’m thinking of printing it out and framing it. Too much?

5. We’re currently in the middle of a bedroom remodel which means this is what two of the rooms in the house look like right now. Be jealous.

bedroom remodel before

6. I really appreciated some of the kitchen organizing tips in this article from The Kitchn. I especially like the idea of keeping a white board on the freezer and writing down whatever goes in there. I’ve had enough packages of pork chops get lost in the deep freezer to know I can no longer rely on my memory for these things.

7. I just finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff. It was funny and inspiring and made me want to go do something crazy. I think that’s kind of the point. I also read The Fault in Our Stars last month and found it to be worth all the hype. Read it before the movie comes out.

Currently on my nightstand? When We Were on Fire: A Memoir of Consuming Faith, Tangled Love, and Starting Over by Addie Zierman, Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey, and a back-log of Better Homes and Gardens and Every Day with Rachael Ray magazines. More on those next month.

8. Speaking of reading, this:


Winter problems. *sigh* Snuggies are looking more reasonable every day.

Tell me, friends, what are you reading/loving/doing/eating lately? Share your links in the comments!


  1. I read the name article when you tweeted, and it was SO interesting. We are definitely going to have old lady names and that is weird. It’s weird to picture Ashleys and Brittanys and Jessicas as old ladies.

    Get a snuggie. I might be using one right now, and it might have changed my life.

  2. I love this new series!! And I read that baby naming article also. I’m totally going to be one of those people with an old lady name…and I also plan on naming at least one of my children some slightly off trendy name. (Remy for a girl…happening)

    1. Love it! I just think it’s amusing because a lot of the names people think are super unique now are actually going to be trends just like Stephanie and Courtney were. I guess we’re all a little less creative than we thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Omg I just looked up my name and it peaked in the 1930s. My name goes beyond the “old lady” stage to “ancient relic of the past.” I’m loving this so far! To me, the most interesting parts of blogs are the personal stuff (because I’m a total voyeur. Tell me all about yoooooouuuuuuu!) That’s why I like boring y’all with my intimate details instead of just saying “here, enjoy this cake.” It should always be a healthy balance of personal info and delicious baked goods! I’m in the final stages of my home renos. It’s been two months of living out of boxes in total filth. I can totally relate to what you’re going through. It sucks! I used to make fun of the snuggie to no end but now, I see the wisdom of being completely blanketed and warm yet still having full use of my arms. It’s brilliant.

    1. I can’t wait to see the results of all your hard work on the new house! I’m sure it’s worth it in the end, but the process sure does suck. And since your name went out of style a few generations ago, it’s probably about to come back. So there’ll be lots of babies named Nancy when you’re an old lady. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m trying to find a good balance of sharing personal stuff and food stuff, but I’m with you Nancy- I love reading about the person. It makes me feel like I know them and I’m just chatting over coffee while we bake something awesome. Thanks for the feedback! It definitely helps me to know this is something people actually enjoy.

  4. “Biking to ice cream shops.” YES. A few summers ago, I rode my bike 1000 miles in that summer. You could say it was one of my biggest accomplishments. However, the truth behind this story is that I could take a 16 mile bike ride, and there was an ice cream shop conveniently located at the halfway point. Weird.

  5. Well my name was very popular in the 1940’s. Although I find it really interesting because there are currently 3 Susan’s in my office (but those 2 are older than) but my BFF in college is a Susan. The name is dying off though, I don’t really meet anyone younger than me with that name.

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