Leftovers: March 2014 Edition

Can you believe it’s been a whole month since the last leftovers post? Where the heck did March go? Not that I’m particularly sad. After all, each day is getting us a little closer to summer…and cookouts…and outdoor concerts…and bonfires…and strawberry picking…and…did I mention I’m excited about summer?

Still there was plenty to love in March. Here are my top picks!

1. The moment the snow melted, I started getting the gardening itch. If you’re like me, you love the idea of gardening, but the execution can be a challenge. I’m loving the new Sprout.it App for iPhones. It lets you choose the plants you want for your garden, has tons of helpful information about sun and watering needs, and best of all, it can send you email alerts when you need to plant or water your garden. Great for folks like me who have trouble remembering when to do what!

2. I’ve loved Pentatonix ever since they won The Sing Off a few years ago, but MAN they just keep upping their game. They can make you love the songs the radio has beaten to death (Say Something, Can’t Hold Us), give you some serious chills (Run to You), and bring out the giggling, awkward bangs, crazy 90s fan girl in you (*NSYNC Medley). <<<<Seriously, I could watch this one every.single.day.

3. Also in music news, I’m super pumped about JJ Heller’s new album, Loved. She’s one of my favorites, and her new CD is no different.

4. Best eye candy of the month: Famous Places Viewed From Above

5. Most Relatable Article of the month: 79 Things You Think While Watching House Hunters– This is so me. But they missed one key thought I ALWAYS have while watching this show- How the heck do these 20-somethings have a $750,000 budget? Didn’t you graduate college, like, a second ago? Whatever they’re doing, sign me up. Because dang.

6. Y’all said you were on the hunt for One Pot Recipes so I’ve joined some fellow bloggers to create a Pinterest board full of them. Amen to less dishes, right?

Follow Courtney | Neighborfoodie’s board One Pot Meals on Pinterest.

7. Making a Things I Don’t Do List- A few of my favorite bloggers have picked up this idea of making a “Don’t List.” Basically it’s a recognition that we can’t do everything and that’s okay. It’s about saying no to the pressure to do and be everything. Let’s embrace what we do well and let go of the rest. Look for my Don’t List next month!

8. My most popular posts this month were Creamy Parmesan, Mushroom, and Leek Pasta and Copy Cat Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Looks like we have some fellow carb lovers in our midst. You’re among friends.

9. This seems about right: Pothole Tries to Eat Pothole Repair Truck. Did I mention I’m ready for summer?

10. I’m embarrassed to say the progress on the bedroom reno has been too slow to even post photos. We did get some nice gray paint up on the walls, but of course I’m second guessing myself because that’s what I do. Next step? Building some closets so our clothes don’t have to hang on freestanding racks anymore. Yay!

11. I finally have a good working email subscription list! Want to make sure you never miss a post? Sign up by clicking here, and you’ll receive new posts straight to your inbox!

Let’s meet back here next month, but this time without the winter coats. Deal?


  1. Pentatonix is the best!!! I was so sad when they cancelled that show. But I hear it’s back right??? I don’t know the only TV I watch is through Netfilx lol!

    1. It actually was back on. They did a short season right before Christmas. A country group called Home Free won it. If you like country, you should check them out. They were pretty good, but they were no Pentatonix.

  2. SERIOUSLY on the House Hunters!!! Do they all have trust funds or something?! I will never understand.

    I love the things I don’t do idea. I might have to try that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love this series on your blog, Courtney. The bird’s eye view of all those cities is incredible (there was a pic of my city, Vancouver in there. Woot woot!) I LOVE the idea of a Things I Don’t Do List. Hmm…mine will be awfully long… It would be quicker just to jot down a list of the things I DO do, lol. I really need to make those cheddar bay biscuits (thanks for the reminder!) and I hear ya on the home renos. It took us 3 months and we’re finally finished! Living out of boxes was ultra shizzy. I know it’s painful going through it but it’ll all be worth it when your home is finished! Now I’m off to read your post about the drug…er…sugar shipment!

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