Weekly Family Meal Plan #183

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My husband, Will, and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this weekend. We didn’t think we were that young when we married at 22 and 23, but now I look back and see babies.

In many ways, we have grown up together, learned how to pay bills and do home repairs and raise kids and run a business together. We’ve each changed a lot in the last decade, but I’m so grateful I’ve had a faithful witness to all my growing pains.

We celebrated with a long, leisurely dinner at a local restaurant, an absolute luxury when you have young children. This week, we’re back to life as usual–the chaotic dinners, the loading and unloading of the dishwasher (again), the bedtime routine that seems to always take 30 minutes longer than it should. It’s the mundane, exhausting, sweet, funny work of life and marriage, and it’s a job I’ll happily keep as long as the good Lord lets me.

Weekly Family Meal Plan #183

Is that comfort food I spot on the menu this week? If you're starting to get a little craving for fall, we've got a few comfort food dinners lined up for you, along with some lighter options for these in-between days.

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